The annual EuroNanoForum

The EuroNanoForum is the largest networking conference in Europe with regard to science and research as well as innovation and companies in the field of materials sciences and nanotechnologies. The ENF is organized by the “Presidency of the Council of the EU”. The EuroNanoForum’s primary aim is to demonstrate the positive aspects of integrating nanotechnologies and innovative materials into other segments and fields of technology. The aim is to build on the knowledge generated in each case and to set new objectives. Thus, the EuroNanoForum is of great importance, especially against the background of a constantly improving competitiveness.

The importance of the ENF for industry and economy

At the previous EuroNanoForum, the focus was on the state of EU-wide technology developments in nanotechnology. In addition, the evaluation of new materials and the inspection of progress already achieved in the field of nanotechnologies and nano-sciences were of central importance. One of the aims of the forum has always been to discuss and further develop the value and relevance of innovations in the production of all industry segments.

The EuroNanoForum and its importance

The EuroNanoForum aims to review, assess and inform about the state of the art of European technology development in the field of nanotechnologies as well as in material innovation. The actual relevance with regard to innovations in this segment will also be discussed. The focus will also be on establishing regional and public links or partnerships and expanding scientific and industrial relations. Of course, the events will also address the protection of securities, intellectual property rights, the promotion of education, compliance with regulations and the conceptual design of financing.

Reach ambitious goals

The EuroNanoForum and the ENF nanotechnology conferences are organized within the framework of the German presidencies of the EU Council. The EU Directorate-General for Research and Innovation supports it and contributes in many ways to ensuring that it can take place every year and continues to consolidate its high status at national and international level. The first conference took place in 2003. At that time, Trieste in Italy was the venue of the EuroNanoForum. The main objectives of this first ENF event were to issue a Commission publication for the following year and to prepare an action plan for Europe for the period 2005-2009. The ENF has always been to present the basic factors for an integrated and above all responsible approach and for common future strategies in the field of nanotechnology research. In 2005, the conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. At that time, the event was entitled “Nanotechnology and the Health of EU Citizens in 2020”. The aim was to promote research and development in the field of nanotechnologies with the intention of finding innovative solutions for the pan-European health care system within the EU in the short and long term.

Always health in mind

In Germany, the EuroNanoForum took place for the first time in 2007. At that time, the main topic in Düsseldorf was “Nanotechnology in industrial applications”. The participants of the conference had set themselves the task of expanding and supporting nanotechnology transfer with regard to research on industrial production processes, products, solutions and applications. In this segment, too, improving the competitiveness of European industry ranks high on the list of objectives. Further events of the EuroNanoForum were held in Prague in 2009, Budapest in 2011, Dublin in 2013 and Riga in 2015. Valletta was the venue for the Forum in June 2017, and Bucharest in 2019.

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